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Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle,
and the life of the candle will not be shortened.
Happiness never decreases by being shared.

Feel Good Yoga & Wellness
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Benefits of Practice with Katie

When you practice with Katie, you will benefit from her years of experience with people of all ages and fitness/flexibility levels. She teaches multiple yoga, fitness and meditation modalities that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Her classes are fun and personable. You will leave feeling strong and refreshed.



“Katie is a phenomenal teacher, able to teach a wide variety of styles from restorative to vinyasa, and she never loses touch with the point of yoga - to leave you feeling more peaceful than when you began. She is perfect for both brand new and more advanced practitioners. Her classes are fun, can be challenging, and always leave you centered and peaceful. I always learn something new with Katie. I am so grateful for her classes!”
– J.S.

“No matter the venue of the class (be it in a studio, outdoors, or over zoom), Katie creates an ideal yoga environment guided by light-heartedness and calm, centered energy. She makes every student in her class feel honored and welcomed. She develops sequences that reflect her deep knowledge of human anatomy and allows students to create warmth and openness in their muscles without injury. Her knowledge of yoga and the body is also reflected in the thoughtful cues she gives throughout class, which guide students to stay present to their practice and get the most out of every pose.”

“Katie gives great explanations of every pose that make it easy to find my way into the right position and get the most out of each posture. I also love that the sequences she teaches are varied and unique.”
– J.W.

“I love how Katie begins each class by centering us on a meditation for the practice. I love the structure of her classes. I always feel I have both stretched and opened, which is really important after a week working at a desk (or on a bed), as well as pushed myself to get a little stronger and tackle more challenging poses a little more fully each week. The class always flies by and I really look forward to the next Sunday!”

“Katie B. is an absolutely fantastic yoga teacher. Her classes are calm and serene and geared from novice to more advanced. You leave her class with a sense of peace and a body that is very happy! I started with no knowledge of yoga and immediately fell in love with it because of Katie’s instruction and help. She is the best!”

“I attended Katie’s classes 2-3 times a week over the course of 2 1/2 years till Covid. It changed my life. I came to her class after a stint in physical therapy for low back and hip pain. There I learned that exercise can take you out of pain. It was a stroke of luck I stumbled into Katie’s class. Her varied routine of stretching and yoga poses on a regular basis took me out of pain, I got strong, I felt strong, I felt good. Before starting each class, Katie asked who was experiencing problems and she built her routine around that need (which most of us could also use). I was impressed by her knowledge of the body and what would help different areas. When you left her class, you felt stretched from head to toe. Her music was fantastic. I watched women come and go as you would in a yoga class and never talked to one person who did not adore her. She created a cohesiveness in class. It was always fun to come to class and I always felt so good when I left.”
-- V.B.